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Places to visit between Arizona and Las Vegas

Arizona is known for its very unique communities of tribes and the desert of course. but what we all may overlook is the exciting places it has to offer. Places like the grand canyon, wine country, and the old west. Nevada is just as exciting with its well-known (and well-lit) city. there’s never a dull minute whether it be in a grand hotel or one of the state’s many nature parks.

When looking for destinations between Las Vegas and Arizona it is safe to say there are more than a few must-see locations. this comprehensive list features multiple destinations proving there truly is something for everyone and every budget. We will look at the most frequented locations and add a twist to the less known, from Skyscraping casinos to bike trails we will visit them all.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area is located in either Nevada or Arizona as it inhabits both states. It is a well-known tourist destination that features plenty of stuff to do. the locals know it as the “year-round playground” where visitors can fish, bike, hike, swim, and camp the 1.5 million acres of nature’s wonders. don’t forget to tour the newly open black canyon where you can observe the many caves, coves, and hot springs!

Grand canyon national park is located in Arizona. This wonderful place is full of places to visit, some are so good they made this list themselves. known as one of the world’s greatest wonders there’s definitely plenty to do. other than taking in the magnificent scenery this place has to offer You can attend free ranger programs and have a park ranger guide the way with a tour, make use of the visitor center, bookstores, gift shops, and the few museums’ in the park have to offer. You can participate in day hikes and the south rim mule trips. Walk the trail of time and learn the history of the canyon. seated inside the canyon is the beautiful Havasu Falls. It features one chute that drops over a 90-foot cliff into a few plunge pools. These falls are known for the beautiful blue-greenish color of the water.

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, sitting in the region between Arizona and Utah If you’re looking to connect with the great outdoors do not miss this fantastic place! Campsites, hiking, biking galore! This place is known for the astonishing red color that the whole area is made up of and is also home to a very large Navajo tribe.

Lake Tahoe, Located in Nevada it is the largest alpine lake in North America. it is surrounded by the Sierra Nevada Mountains making it a tourist attraction year-round. a winter wonderland great for skiing and snow sleds, snow sports an Amazing beach and lake in the summer great for swimming, bike trails, and hiking.

The Las Vegas strip is located in Nevada. it is a must-see for a nonnature type of experience make sure to stop by the strip! full of stuff to do for everyone known for its many attractions like Shark reef aquarium, Bellagio gallery of fine art, titanic artifact exhibit, AWAY spa, and the big apple roller coaster. it’s sure to be a fun stop.

No matter where you choose to visit on this list you are sure to have a blast but let’s talk about something other than parks and the city for a moment.

For a truly unique experience visit one of the many “Guest Ranches” like the red rock ranch available in Arizona. during the day ride on horseback while reliving the old west, by night sit around the campfire enjoying a well-deserved meal. Sun Cliff sits in Sedona, Arizona. the ranch was started in the late 1930s and was an active cattle ranch until the 1970s. they feature services such as daily maid service, nightly turndown service, on-site concierge, massage treatments, and personally created adventure packages that are part of a unique experience. Ranches, not your thing? Arizona is also home to some of the most luxurious bed and breakfasts around. enjoy a spa-like environment and relax by the pool instead.

Nevada houses some of the nation’s greatest museums and exhibits even some crazy ones like the “pinball hall of fame” and “seven magic mountains” don’t forget to bring the kids to the “Discovery children’s” museum where they can play hard and learn everything the hands-on activities have to offer. For even more family-friendly fun stop by the Fleischmann Planetarium located in Reno and enjoy the many solar system exhibits and the huge full-dome theater inside where they showcase the stars and occasionally films. Some parts of the museum are even free!

These are all great places to visit between Las Vegas and Arizona. and there are plenty more!

Top 5 Things to Do off the Las Vegas Strip

The big Stretch of Las Vegas
The Vegas Strip is referring to the big stretch of Las Vegas itself. The Strip is actually located in Clark County, Nevada. This hot spot is well-known for having a vast concentration of casinos and hotels that will dazzle and amaze you. The Strip is just a little over four miles in length. This is located just south of the city of Las Vegas. This would be past the city limits in two unincorporated towns. The towns are Winchester and Paradise. The Strip has been referred to as being an All-American Road. Along this road, you will find some of the very biggest hotels, resort properties, and casinos along this entire Strip. The Las Vegas cityscape impresses everyone because this area is so visually appealing. The extraordinary lights and the dramatic architecture will simply grab your attention and mesmerize you with the very unique style and impressive visuals. The skyline is quickly evolving with the chronic modernization that occurs. This modernization includes the following:
* hotels
* restaurants
* residential high-rises
* extraordinary entertainment offerings
* more
The Las Vegas Strip is indeed one of the most popular destinations to visit within the United States and the entire world.

The Top Five
You will discover so many things to do right off the Las Vegas Strip. There is no time to get bored because there is so much to see and experience in this fabulous area. If you are planning a visit to the Las Vegas Strip, you will want to plan on having the absolute time of your life. Allow yourself to be comfortable and you should fully embrace your Las Vegas Strip experience because this may be an adventure of a lifetime. You can wear your comfortable clothes as you snap images on your camera. Enjoying yourself is guaranteed. The top five things to do off the Las Vegas Strip are:

1. Adventure dome Theme Park; get ready to climb the many thrill mountains right under the dome. You will enjoy this out-of-the-ordinary theme park. You won’t find another one like this in the world. Go ahead and dare to ride the fabulous El Loco Roller Coaster. You will find the following under the amazing dome:
* Canyon Blaster
* Sling Shots
* Chaos
* Thrill Rides
* a family-friendly environment
* Lazer Blast
* Amazing shows and events
* Mountains of entertainment
* a spectacular overall environment

2. Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat; you will enjoy a taste of the wild right in Las Vegas. The Mirage Las Vegas will astound you with the beautiful surroundings filled with palm trees and the amazing overall facility that educates about the dolphin and wildlife. Your invitation to the secret garden awaits you.

3. Madame Tussauds Las Vegas; this is a fantastic wax museum worth seeing for yourself. It is a family-friendly environment and will show off over 100 wax replicas that are amazing in every way. A wax celebrity is a must-see because these figures are quite realistic. You will feel as if you are with the real person as you run your fingers through their hair and get a great picture standing next to your favorite celebrity.

4. Chateau Nightclub; enjoy an evening at an enchanting lounge. Immerse yourself in elegance as you enjoy a touch of sophistication. This is a chic and modern club that truly has everything you may desire. The dance floor is spectacular. Perhaps a rooftop dance floor amongst the beautiful garden settings may tempt you. You will have memories to last for the rest of your life when you allow yourself an evening at this magnificent nightclub and lounge. You can enjoy a refreshing beverage alongside the beautiful water. Tasty food is included at this spectacular nightclub.

5. Moorea Beach Club; if you enjoy the crystal blue waters then you must stop in to see this club. Keep in mind this is for adults to enjoy. Privacy is included in this experience. Enjoy a European-style environment for a change. Music and more are offered at this beach club.

Explore the many Attractions
The Las Vegas Strip will provide so many exciting experiences along with the many attractions. This famous stretch of road is exciting and offers some fabulous things to do. Take a stroll down this glorious strip and see for yourself why it is so popular. The very first casino was built in 1931 on Highway 91. Experience is on the side of this Strip in Las Vegas. Enjoy a touch of luxury as you stroll and explore this road. The Las Vegas area is ready to welcome you and the entire area strives to show you a great time. When you visit this Strip be prepared to fully enjoy yourself. The entire surroundings will fully amaze you. This is a road definitely worth traveling.

What To Expect During Bachelor Party When You Request Escorts

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Sights to See in Holbrook, AZ

A Tourist Guide of Holbrook, Arizona.

Holbrook is located in Navajo County Arizona, with a wide variety of things to do and see. Making it a sought-after area for vacationers year-round. Whether traveling solo or as a family, there are many unique attractions suitable for everyone. For those planning a vacation of several days or more, you can find many quaint motels in which to lodge for the night. Including the Wigwam Village Motel where guests get to stay in a real live teepee. There are also numerous local restaurants in which to dine, most featuring authentic Mexican cuisine.

Must-See Tourist Attractions.
When visiting the Holbrook area there are some places that should be added to your list.

Suggested Tourist Sights:
* The Petrified Forest National Park
* Dinosaur Park
* Rainbow Forest Museum
* Dobell Ranch
* Painted Desert Indian Center

The Petrified Forest National Park.
This may sound like a strange place to visit, however, it has many natural wonders in which to gaze upon. With its colorful landscape and various trails, one of which winds around a clifftop. You’ll be simply amazed by the beauty of this wondrous area. Just as its name suggests a major attraction is the vast amounts of petrified wood and eroded rock formations. Make sure to stop and see the Onyx Bridge, a forty-foot tree found standing along the painted desert.

Dinosaur Park.
For those traveling with children, you’ll absolutely enjoy Dinosaur Park. Featuring a wide variety of life-sized prehistoric statues and authentic dinosaur bones. You can also walk around and view local desert artifacts.

Rainbow Forest Museum.
The Rainbow Forest Museum is another family fun spot, that has numerous displays to walk through. For instance their many dinosaur fossils and an authentic Placerias Gigas skeleton. At the end of your venture, pay a visit to the Rainbow Forest Gift Shop. Maybe find a unique artifact to take back home with you.

Dobell Ranch.
Dobell is a small establishment containing one of the largest collections of petrified wood which patrons can purchase for themselves. You can also explore through a bucket of fossils that have been found, with the option of choosing one for them to polish for a small fee. When they’ve finished with the piece you have selected, you’ll absolutely amazed at how different it looks.

Painted Desert Indian Center
The Painted Desert Indian Center is a big hit with everyone, both children and adults will love strolling the grounds with enormous dinosaur statues. They also have hand-painted teepees in which to explore, giving you an appreciation of the culture. You can even collect some pieces of petrified wood free of charge.

Motels Located in Holbrook.
When visiting Holbrook, Arizona you can find numerous motels within the area.

Local Motels:
* The Wigwam Village Motel
* The Days Inn Holbrook
* Lexington Inn Holbrook
* Travelodge Holbrook

The Wigwam Village Motel.
For a unique one-of-a-kind experience, the Wigwam Village Motel allows its guests to sleep in actual teepees. Constructed on concrete and steel with a width of twenty-one feet by twenty-eight feet high. All of the furniture is constructed of handmade hickory. In order to give it a more vintage appearance, they’ve placed numerous Studebakers amongst the teepees.

The Days Inn Holbrook.
Located near most tourist attractions the Days Inn Holbrook, including the Petrified Forest National Park. It is a pet-friendly facility that’s also smoke-free. With a vast amount of natural wonders surrounding it, allowing guests get an amazing view from their room. For those who are early risers, enjoy a free continental breakfast every morning.

Lexington Inn Holbrook.
Also located outside of the Petrified National Park, Lexington Inn is a wonderful place to stay. Equipped with an indoor swimming pool that’s heated year-round. All rooms include Wi-Fi access, coffee makers, microwave ovens, hairdryers, thirty-seven-inch flat panel televisions, cable TV, and mini-refrigerators. If you’ve children under the age of seventeen coming along, they stay absolutely free of charge. Which will help save money, in the long run, to use towards some fun-filled activities.

Travel Lodge Holbrook.
Rated as one of the best motels in Arizona, the Travel Lodge in Holbrook offers its guests so much. For instance, you can take a dip in their indoor swimming pool. This is a pet-friendly facility that can stay in your room free of charge. All rooms include comfortable beds, free breakfast in the morning, internet access at no additional cost, microwave, frig, and 25-inch TV with cable.

Concluding Sentence.
No matter what you decide to do while visiting Holbrook, you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time. Perhaps even making plans for a return trip there in the near future. Visiting the places which you missed on your prior visit.